Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Sweet As Candy"

I always feel a bit giddy when I finish a pin up. Sort of like the feeling I've made some significant change in my appearance and I'm debuting for the first time. Maybe that's too serious of an analogy. It's like sharing a secret I've been keeping. I've found the basis of some of my happiness and it's portraying happy ladies!

I've always been infatuated with the See's Candy™ uniforms. Ever since I was young. Each holiday season I've been tempted to put in an application to work there purely for the cute uniforms. I found a black shirt-dress at Kohls several months ago that resembled a See's uniform, but very simple. I was so excited I took a bunch of photos in it. Yeah, I was teased mercilessly, but I'm totally ok with that.


  1. She just is so cool! You did a great job!!!

  2. Really cute & flawless. Beautiful job!

  3. I actually worked at a See's Candy store and since they were supposed to hire me back for Easter, I still have my uniform. Would you be interested in purchasing it off me? It's for someone about 185 lbs. My email is and my name is Jen too ;)