Thursday, April 1, 2010

Man About Town

I wanted to join a local group art show this month called "Creepy Crawlies" but because of outstanding attentions skills, I missed the deadline. So I figured I'd finish at least one project I started.I've been inspired to work more with linoleum prints because they've gone over so well with people. Someone bought two of my robot pieces as a wedding gift to their friend, from the show I was in last, well, in February.
I love working in the medium, and mom was sweet enough to buy me a mini press, and I'm still learning the process. But it's stress relieving and fun!

So here's two versions of "Man About Town". The one in the frame is the last print before I edited the image. The second, I thinned out his jacket a bit and am trying to decide who's going to go in the frame.