Thursday, April 23, 2009

That Project

I was able to finally scan the images from my first project of the year. Three poetry illustration.

I entered these three in the illustration department's first juried show. But when I met with the instructor on Wed. he relayed that he was pleased with the outcome of the project and that I need to continue with the style. He liked that I ventured out differently than what I did last semester and that I should stick with this, but refine and improve. So now I have a destination, I just need to make the map, and get the hell on the road!
I'm psyched!

So it looks like I have my excuse, nay, reason to draw as much as I can. I've been meaning to keep on top of my drawing, to have a large volume of work. You know, practice makes perfect. I need to stay on top of it.

Hooray? I haven't really entered any school shows. I did at the last school after being told I was a shoe-in, and never saw that piece again. I've been a little more than intimidated at this school because there are a lot of really talented students here. I asked for more of a challenge at this school.. and I got it! (Which I SO appreciate)

The Sisters


The Lady of Shallott