Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday!!

Came to visit the folks, and partake of free laundry, and on demand horror flicks. I always bring my sketchbook with me, and I've recently discovered that I love my large books to doodle in. I can't get TOO used to the large sketches, because I can't carry a 9x14 book with me everywhere.

I haven't really sketched in a while, occupying myself with moving and trying to find gainful employment.

I have a ton of sketches of girls I need to scan and bring into Illustrator and digitize them. I haven't completed a pinup drawing in some time and they bring me a lot of enjoyment, so I should at least be doing more of them.

Most of my sketches are still rough, and I'm compiling reference photos for each. But I thought I'd update with something, maybe I'll show my progress as I finish...
"Cat Lady"

(Will remained untitled until I get more of it finished, but it's pretty obvious where it's going)

We'll just call her "Vespa" for now, she needs a lot of work on body positioning, for which I need more reference.