Thursday, July 9, 2009

IF - Shaky

This climb
is so unsteady,
my knees are weak,
my head is strong
This climb is so unstable
but my heart is open,
my hands are shaky.
I think I'm ready for this climb...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Paper Dolls


Ever since I did my first paper doll (body image doll in an older post). I've been obsessed with thinking of things to make into paper dolls. Preferably ones that I haven't seen before. I'm almost as obsessed with giving these things away. Sometimes so obsessed with giving art away, that maybe I've given some away to those who don't appreciate it or deserve it. Oh well. I guess if more people sent art to each other, the world would be better. I j
ust wish I could get some of them back and give them to more appreciative people.

I had a friend donate some money to me for school last fall semester. It helped me out TREMENDOUSLY and the only way I know how to repay him, is to send him some art. He definitely deserves more than just a doll, but I think he'll like it. I just hope he doesn't read my blog before he gets it in the mail!
I was going to do a painting for him, but I would be too afraid to send it in the mail, so I'll just dedicate one to him.

I hope he likes it, since he's been a big supporter for a long time. I just wish we would have been able to hang out in person.