Monday, January 31, 2011


I did Robot Love: 2010 at the Good Gallery in Portland last year and it was fantastic. Out of the 4 pieces I dropped off, two were sold. For wedding presents, to boot!
This year, I wasn't able to be as prolific with my work as I was last year, but am glad that I was able to submit some work at least. I decided to continue with my doll theme. The more practice for my thesis project, the better, right?

So here are several photos of the project in various angles. The dolls are about 1/4 inch above some decorative paper that I had. This gives them a bit of dimension inside the shadowbox. This thing that makes them interesting, also makes them hard to photograph!

Yes, conjoined robots.

It's hard to photograph something that is not quite three-dimensional so that someone who's not standing in front of it can see it's dimensionality. But you get the idea.

The final, framed in a shadowbox.
The title came to me in the shower and I think it's completely appropriate.

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