Monday, January 17, 2011

My morbid sense of humor

Morton Salt, just in case you live under a rock.

Part of my Sketchbook project (which is going to be very thin, because I was busy living life and school that I didn't get to do as many sketches in it as I'd like to have) is going to have some 3D elements in it. Like things you pull out or unfold. I'm going to use it to "bulk" up my book. I may not have it in time to make the tour, but at least it may get into the library, and I can say it's "done".

Original sketch

Anyway. If you know me, you know I'm a sick individual (at least if you talk to my mom). I can find humor in most situations.
The topic of my sketchbook is rain, basically. So why not a zombie Morton Salt girl?!

Process, and some of my hair.

I really like the 3D aspect, makes it interactive. You pull the poster out of the book, sort of like the Griffin and Sabine books, if you've ever read those.
So here's the process on the Morton Zombie girl.

Closed in all its bulky glory.


The little rain girl doll is part of the book too,
I just have to figure out how to attach her.


The lower right corner of the "poster"  is 
glued to the right page in the sketchbook.

While I'm not as pleased with the outcome, I have the original sketch. Why not make it bigger as a poster for myself?! YES! So that's what I'm going to do. Take what I don't like out of the final and fix it for me.


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