Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Alice, coming together

While I've been wracking my nerves preparing for thesis proposal, and watching my fellow creative students present, I've been doodling. No, more like taking brief moments to enlarge and piece apart the Alice doll I posted about a couple of weeks ago.
After enlarging her, I realized that she's going to be AWESOME in a large format. I haven't made many large-scale dolls aside from the mock-up I made of my thesis doll, and I have to admit that it's winning me over.
Large scale work is often daunting because details are blown up, which means possible mistakes are blown up. But it's very rewarding seeing something you've been working on it this large format.
Now, onto the art!

When constructing dolls, I do the sketches first, then enlarge/shrink them, and then lay out the body parts on tracing paper. I'll then transfer the parts onto watercolor paper and start the painting process.

I just love her nose! (My thesis doll mock-up is making an appearance)


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