Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New doll in the works

Here's a sketch of the doll I have in the works. I'm looking forward to plotting out her limbs and getting right to creating her.

A lot of paper doll artists have their dolls professionally printed and make them available to customers to cut and assemble themselves. I'm toying with that idea, but I really have a hard time with that.
I'm a big fan of the artifact. Seeing the hand of the artist in the work. If I had them professionally printed, that would save me time and stress by mass producing some of my work. But I think I would keep the aspect of the aritfact by assembling the dolls  myself and offering the finished product for sale.
Does that take too much of the artist out of the art? Would people be interested in the semi-mass produced doll?

I think I'll stick to one of a kind until it's feasible for me to print.

So here's Alice. Of my own imagination.
Alice in a steampunk-y incarnation

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  1. Make prints and sell them at a lower price, keep the original at an original art price, a prestige piece.