Saturday, August 6, 2011

IF - Imperfect

I'm using a mockup doll of my thesis project for this week's Illustration Friday.

I'm slowly learning to accept, and even love my imperfections. It's these imperfections that make me a nicer, kinder and more understanding person. I'll never be skinny,  I'll never look how society expects me to look, and that's "perfectly" ok with me.

I create paper dolls, they are my new obsession. My senior thesis was dedicated to the construction of large  female paper dolls of diverse body shapes to represent empowered, beautiful women. This one is a small version of the doll that I created of myself. I then drew a self portrait and attached it behind vellum. I then mounted my paper doll to the portrait.


  1. Interesting project! Would love to see more of your dolls.

  2. This is so fascinating! I too would love to see more of the dolls!

  3. I like the idea behind this, very nice!

  4. @Sasa
    Check out my thesis blog, for the final versions :)

    Also, my facebook art page has more of a variety of my paper dolls, too!