Monday, February 7, 2011

Progression with a shadowbox

Mental note to myself: I want to re-do the Juniper Tree's full-page illustration into a large poster. (I'll get right on that, right after I make 6 huge paper dolls.)

Alice is coming along slowly. I have another project ahead of her that's a commission for a friend (which is coming along) and then I'm going to putz around with her in between thesis work. Can I do it? Will I find time?! WHERE WILL I FIND TIME?!
I think I should purposely make time, because I have a feeling that my brain is not in working order and that I'm also not working as hard as I should be on important projects.

So here's Alice, and the shadowbox that I found while I was buying frames for my robots. It's about roughly two inches (maybe three) deep and tall enough to hold her. She's one of my larger personal dolls and I just grabbed this box "just in case" I wanted to make something bigger. Well, there you go, my subconscious was working for me this one time,

She's pinned to the board above my work table so that
she's out of the way while I work on thesis stuff.

Hard to see, but she's taped to the glass
area on her shadow box. Can't wait to finish!


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