Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pin Up or Pinup?

Recently I was commissioned to do a portrait for someone for her husband. I think this may have been the first paid portrait I've done. My first portrait pinup was for my friend Alan, of his lady, Jamie, and it stemmed from a class assignment I took digitally.
Anything that is supposed to look like someone who isn't a celebrity makes me nervous. I've done regular traditional and semi-traditional portraits of singers and actresses, etc. That's easy, I don't have to worry about getting a likeness as much as someone I have contact with, or someone that's paying me.
While I was at it, I quickly finished up a girl I've had on my hard drive for what seems like ages. It's not a Haunted Mansion rip off, just something I've had dancing in my sketchbook for what seems like forever.

I have many more other pinup girls in sketchbooks littered throughout my apartment, I'm hoping to finish their sketches and bring them in to Illustrator and finish them off while I'm on break, but I'd really like to get some traditional painting done on my down time. (We won't talk about having to look for work as well).


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