Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Yet another appropriate theme for me to illustrate.
I've been trying to teach myself the art of detaching so that I can stop being so sensitive to what other people say or do around me. Maybe detach to save myself from being hurt or heartbroken.
A piece of me to stay whole, and the other to escape.

If I detach too much... what will I sacrifice?

(Ink & Watercolor)


  1. if we detach too much we might be lost for forever.. nice illustration. remind me of something important..

  2. I've been sensitive my whole life and know that it's hard to detach from insensitive comments. It's best to learn how to get an inner lion that roars when someone says something stupid. Roar! Don't lose the sensitive side--it's the inner artist.

  3. I love your illustration, particularly the detached you... isn't it all about balance? Very nice.

  4. Lovely illustration and perfect idea for the topic. I definitely agree with margothere--it's all about balance. Super job!

  5. nice illustration! it's interesting that the happy you is the floating spirit... hmm... :)

  6. Love your drawing style; the facial expressions are especially good.